Who can fill in an NRM?

Who can fill in an NRM?

Only professionals from certain organisations can fill in and submit an NRM form on behalf of a survivor of modern slavery. These professionals are referred to as ‘First Responders’.

The following organisations are first responder organisations:

  • Police Forces

  • UK Border Force

  • Home Office Immigration and Visas

  • Local Authorities

  • GLAA

  • Salvation Army

  • Poppy Project

  • Migrant Help

  • Medaille Trust

  • Barnados

  • Unseen

  • Kalayaan



  • New Pathways

  • Refugee Council

  • Other NGO’s

It is advisable that all first responder organisations train their staff in how to fill out an NRM form. If you are interested in getting trained, please see our ‘training’ page.

If you are a first responder and would like further guidance in best practice and NRM forms please see our ‘first responder hub’.