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Support us

Volunteer with us

We are currently recruiting _________ volunteers. Please apply using the following link: __________

If you would like further information about volunteering opportunities, please contact

Raise Awareness

If you would like to join to the West Midlands Anti Slavery Network as a network member please contact


We our currently recruiting the following roles:

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How can your business support us

If your business would like to sponsor us through volunteering, donations or training please use our contact form


We are currently in need of the following items at our SafePlace project:

  • Small and medium men’s clothes.

  • Small and medium men’s underwear (new).

  • Small and medium men’s pyjamas (new).

  • Small and medium men’s coats.

  • Non perishable food items.

  • Men’s toiletries.

Please contact:  if you would like to make a donation.