Slavery Adult Safeguarding Case Conference (SASCC)

Slavery Adult Safeguarding Case Conference (SASCC)

March 2021 saw the introduction of a new case conference approach for adult victims/survivors of slavery and trafficking. The Slavery Adult Safeguarding Case Conference (SASCC) has been developed by Nick Walton, West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network Operations Manager. It will look to ensure an improved partnership approach in responding to adult victims/survivors within the West Midlands at the pre-NRM stage.

The process aims to work with First Responders (West Midlands Police and local authorities – Birmingham, Sandwell, Coventry, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Solihull) in order to manage any immediate needs (accommodation, health, NRM support) in a way that allows the victim/survivor to make suitable choices in assisting their recovery process, whilst minimising the risk of further exploitation.

Please note that conference will only accept referrals based on the victim/survivor providing informed consent or on a "best interests" basis, should an individual lack capacity.

The conference will be chaired by Nick Walton, and will be supported by the WMP Exploitation Hub. The latter will provide a link between the conference and the appropriate investigative lead. The conference is also supported by a range of other statutory and third sector representatives.

The approach does not replace or negate a First Responder's initial safeguarding responsibilities, but will look to convene virtually at the earliest opportunity and ideally within 48 hours of a victim/survivor being identified. 

The approach is supported by the OPCC, and has been authorised by the West Midlands Slavery and Trafficking Partnership Board.

The attached referral should be completed in as much detail as possible and e-mailed to both the WMP Exploitation Hub and the Pathways Coordinator as detailed on the referral form.

"the SASCC provides a genuine opportunity to improve the outcome for victims of slavery within the West Midlands, whilst also identifying gaps and challenging partners to work more collaboratively in this area." 

I am hopeful that better communication will not only benefit the individual, but will bring an opportunity for policing to drive better criminal justice outcomes via improved intelligence flow and an easier and more supportive interaction with victims" - Nick Walton (Operations Manager).

Please contact the below if you require any further information.

Nick Walton

Operations Manager

West Midlands Anti Slavery Network

Mobile: +44 07597 029698