Sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation


  • Does the person selling sex only have an English vocabulary of sexualised words?

  • Is the person selling sex closely guarded?

  • Does the individual have any untreated injuries? E.g. cigarette burns, marks under arms or behind ears, bruising, scarring?

  • Does the person have a tattoo that denotes branding or ownership?

  • Do the individuals look like they are taking cues from someone?

  • Are there signs that ritual witchcraft or abuse have taken place?

  • Is there evidence that the individual has been forced/coerced/intimidated into providing sexual services?

  • The person does not keep the money they earn.

  • Individual is scared or intimidated.


  • Are women/men being moved between brothels or to other work locations?

  • Are there CCTV cameras at the entrance to the property?

  • Do you see a bank of mobile phones with numbers written on the back of them?

  • Is there a distinct lack of home furnishings that you would expect in a residential property?

  • Do the people selling sex also appear to be living in the property too? This is not usual for a brothel.

  • If there are locks on the doors, are there scratches or marks from the inside where someone has been trying to open them?

  • Sealed letterboxes.

  • Several women of foreign nationalities are living at the same property.

  • Do men visit the property throughout the day and night in short visits?

  • Are there adverts for sexual services nearby to the property?