Meeting Basic Material Needs

Meeting Basic Material Needs

  • Mobile phones, SIM cards and top-up credit, as well as appropriate locations for making calls in privacy.

  • Appropriate clothing including warm coats, comfortable shoes, underwear and clothes, including those needed for religious observance.

  • Access to a hygienic bathroom, which can be locked, with a shower, a toilet and clean towels.

  • Gender appropriate toiletry packs.

  • Spectacles or lenses and associated products.

  • Special packs for parents with children of different ages, including nappies and books or age

  • appropriate activity packs.

  • Special packs for supporting women who are pregnant and for breastfeeding mothers, including maternity bras.

  • Access to computer, Wi-Fi, photocopier, scanner and printer, in confidence and free of charge.

  • Parental support including access to safe space with toys and educational and reading materials for children of different ages. Access to cots, baby food, age appropriate baby formula and feeding bottles, as well as sterilization equipment and the means to safely prepare food and formula, should be provided.

  • Separate sleeping arrangements for parents with children.

  • Cash allowance for subsistence to cover specific food, additional hygiene needs, haircuts, and travel costs, including appropriate forms of travel (i.e. accessible for people with disabilities, or those travelling with young children).