Labour exploitation

Labour exploitation


  • Workers may have noticeably poor personal hygiene.

  • Do the workers have adequate uniform? Are they without a hair net or steel toe shoes adequate for their role? Lack of proper training?

  • Do owners seem evasive? As if they are buying time so workers can leave?

  • Does the worker know the address of where they live? Do they live in private rented and often cramped accommodation?

  • Does someone seem to be overseeing low-skilled workers? An enforcer may often be overseeing work.

  • Is there evidence to suggest workers must pay for tools, food or accommodation via deductions from their pay?

  • Sings of emotional and physical abuse present in workers e.g. being frightened, withdrawn or confused.

  • Lack of freedom of movement or constant accompaniment.

  • Individual gives false personal information or cannot produce any personal information.

  • Someone other than the worker has the worker’s legal and immigration documents.

  • Groups of workers of similar backgrounds with a leader who seems to have coached them.

  • No contracts, not adhering to the National Minimum Wage or not being paid at all.

  • Do individuals get transported to and from work possibly with other people in the same vehicle?

  • Individual is unable or afraid of accepting payment.

  • Individuals work longer than usual hours.


    • Is access to the backrooms of the property restricted or the doors locked? This may be used as accommodation for workers.

    • Is there a noticeable difference in cleanliness from the front of the property where the public go, and the back for staff areas?

    • Is there a lack of suitable equipment? e.g. lack of waterproofs at a car wash

    • Are workers picked up in vans/minibuses at unusual hours of day or night?