Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

  • Has the individual consented to the marriage? Consider the individuals capacity to consent.

  • Is the individual more and more withdrawn and isolated? Do they still see friends and family?

  • Indicators of physical and or emotional abuse.

  • The individual is frightened of their partner or family member.

  • The individual or their family come from a country or culture where forced marriage and the importance of honour are common.

  • The individual announces an engagement to someone unknown.

  • The individual is removed from schooling or prevented by family from pursuing higher education or extracurricular activities.

  • The individual may be absent from or late to school.

  • The individual appears controlled or monitored by family or community members. Including no access to mobile phone or internet.

  • The individual’s personality may drastically change e.g. depression, withdrawal, anxiety, suicidal, low self-esteem or appearance.

  • The individual goes missing, runs away from home or is reluctant to return home.

  • The individual is anxious about a family holiday.

  • The individual does not return to the country after a trip to their family’s country of origin.

  • Childhood/unwanted pregnancy.

  • The individual may begin self-harming or suicide attempts, particularly common early on in the marriage.

  • Signs of domestic abuse or criminality in the home.

  • The individual is controlled financially.