Domestic Servitude

Domestic Servitude


  • The individual appears to be forced into household tasks such as childcare, cooking and cleaning.

  • Does the person appear to be working more than normal hours/are they on-call 24hours a day?

  • Has the person been subject to abuse/threats/violence?

  • Is the person in possession of their legal documents? Does their employer hold them?

  • Are the communications the person can have restricted by the employer?

  • Does the person eat alone? Are they given leftovers?

  • Is the person allowed out the house? Is it just to take the children to school? Are they always accompanied when they leave the house?

  • Does the person interact with the family?

  • If the person is a child, are there concerns around school attendance or time to play?

  • The individual has no personal possessions.

  • The individual’s presentation is different to the rest of the family e.g. poorer clothing.


  • Does the person have makeshift or inappropriate sleeping arrangements?

  • The individual has no personal living space. No access to food, water or medical care.