Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation

  • Are there signs of physical neglect? Malnutrition, lack of clothing, lack of access to medical care?

  • Are there signs of abuse e.g. bruising?

  • Does the child have expensive clothes/mobile phone/money and other possessions without a plausible explanation?

  • Is the child cared for or accompanied by an adult who is not the child’s parent or guardian? Do they always insist on being with the child?

  • Do they show physical signs that they have been working? E.g. backache, tiredness

  • Is there an adult loitering outside the child’s home or place of education?

  • Does the child have a much older boyfriend?

  • Does the child seem to be withdrawn and afraid to talk to those in authority?

  • Is there evidence to suggest the child’s travel or visa was organised by someone other than a family member?

  • Is the child among other unrelated children at an address? Does the child give answers similar to the others who may have been coached?

  • The child experiences mood swings e.g. anger, sadness, withdrawal.

  • The child has inappropriate sexual behaviour, knowledge or clothing.

  • The child goes missing during the night and weekend or may not be clear about where they are going or where they have been.

  • The child does not go to school.

  • The child must reply immediately to text messages.

  • The child has new friends who pick them up from school.

  • The child visits places far away from their home.