Are you a first responder?

Are you a first responder?

If you work at any of the following organisations, you are a first responder:

  • Police Forces

  • UK Border Force

  • Home Office Immigration and Visas

  • Local Authorities

  • GLAA

  • Salvation Army

  • Medaille Trust

  • Barnados

  • Unseen

  • Kalayaan



  • New Pathways

  • Refugee Council

  • Migrant Help

  • Poppy Project

Your organisation may have certain staff members who are specifically trained to be a first responder for example, safeguarding leads or modern slavery champions.

Being a first responder means that you can fill in an NRM form which reports an instance of modern slavery and refers someone that you suspect to be a survivor of modern slavery into appropriate support.

First responder organisations have the following responsibilities. These responsibilities are invested in the organisation and it is for the organisation to decide how it will discharge these responsibilities:

  • Identify potential victims of modern slavery and recognise the indicators of modern slavery.

  • Gather information in order to understand what has happened to survivors of modern slavery.

  • Refer victims into the NRM via the online process or via the archived paper referral form in exceptional cases.

  • Completing a Duty to Notify form to alert the Home Office of a modern slavery crime if the adult survivor of modern slavery does not consent to submit an NRM form. You do not need to submit a DtN form when you submit an NRM form.

  • Provide a point of contact for the Single Competent Authority to assist with the Reasonable and Conclusive Grounds decisions and to request a reconsideration where a first responder believes it is appropriate to do so.

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